Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

The final installment (book 4) in Meyer's hugely popular Twilight Saga.
Let me begin by saying, it's hard to review this book without spoilers, so if you haven't read it yet, I wouldn't read this review either
As the book opens, Bella Swan has finally convinced Edward Cullen to agree to turn her into a vampire, but only after he's married her in an opulent ceremony planned by Alice, resident fashionista vampire and event planner. As Twilight began as a fairly straightforward love story, not much in the opening chapters is very surprising or remarkable. The style of Meyer's writing is familiar, not brilliant in a literacy sense, but adequately descriptive and engaging.

A few too many convenient pieces of vampire 'lore' come into the resolution of the story. It's understandable that Meyer needs to tie up all the loose ends of the story since she has said that this book is the last (with the exception of Midnight Sun, mentioned/explained below)

Meyer chooses to tell the story by dividing the book into three parts. Parts 1 and 3 are both told from Bella's perspective (the same perspective used in the first three volumes of the series) but part 2 deviates from Meyer's normal style and explores the story from the point of view of Jacob, Bella's best friend. Perhaps this was inspired by the popularity of her next title Midnight Sun, which will tell the story of Twilight from Edward's perspective, and which began (according to Meyer) as a writing exercise but which achieved popularity with fans on Meyer's official website when she posted the first chapter.