Breaking Point by Alex Flinn
Please note: This review is still in progress.....

Synopsis: A new school is never easy, but for Paul Richmond it's complicated by the circumstances which brought him to Gates Christian in Miami. Paul's at Gates because his parents have recently divorced; his father, a lieutenent colonel in the army has gotten his former secretary Stephanie pregnant and decided to marry her, partly to escape Laura, Paul's mother, and her complaints about the life of an Army family with all it's attendant moving from base to base. Paul's mom now works in the attendance office at the high priced prep school where Paul is clearly the poorest, and by extension least popular) student. That is, until he attracts the attention of Charlie Good.Charlie's charm is strangely un-definable; Paul isn't sure why he exudes the power he does in the small school, but he is quickly sucked to in Charlies circle and his schemes.

Mrs. Boman says: Flinn is great at taking us inside the minds of her teenage characters, and I love that her books teach life lessons without becoming overly pedantic and after school special-ish.