Series Books

Some things to note:
These books cross many genres. this page is intended to help those of you who prefer to read series fiction rather than stand-alone novels. To help those of you who also read by genre, the titles use the following abbreviations to indicate their primary style. SF-Science Fiction F-Fantasy

HF-Historical Fiction RF-Realistic Fiction M-Mystery

  • The title links will take you to their review page or, if they are reviewed by individual title name, will take you to a page listing the order of the books in the series.

  • If the author name shows as a link, that means their is an author study page about that author.
  • The list is alphabetical by series name (If the series name begins with an article such"A", "An" or "The" the title is listed by the next word. For example The Spiderwick Chronicles appears under "S" for "Spiderwick"

If you are looking for a series by a particular author, please check our book index

Alcatraz (F) Sanderson, Brandon
Alex Rider (RF, M) Horowitz, Anthony
Artemis Fowl (F) Colfer, Eoin
Bloody Jack
Dragon Trilogy (F) D'Lacey, Chris
The Ender Quartet (SF) Card, Orson Scott
The Giver Trilogy (SF) Lowry, Lois
Gregor the Overlander (also called The Underland Chronicles) (F) Collins, Suzanne
Harry Potter (F) Rowling, J.K.
His Dark Materials (F) Pullman, Phillip
The Hunger Games
(SF) Collins, Suzanne
Mary Russell (M) King, Laurie R.
Midnighters, The Westerfeld, Scott
Mistborn, The (F) Sanderson, Brandon
Ombra (The Ink trilogy) (F) Funke, Cornelia
Pendragon (SF) MacHale, D.J.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (F) Riordan, Rick
Sally Lockhart (HF) Pullman, Phillip
Septimus Heap Sage, Angie
Sherlock Holmes (M) Conan Doyle, Arthur
Sisters Grimm, The (F) Buckley, Michael
Spiderwick Chronicles,The (F) Black, Holly and Tony DiTerlizzi
Talents (F) Lubar, David
Tales of Alvin Maker, The (F, HF) Card, Orson Scott
Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms (F) Lackey, Mercedes
Time Warp Trio, The (F, HF) Scieszka, Jon
Twilight Saga (F) Meyer, Stephenie
Uglies Trilogy (SF) Westerfeld, Scott
Wheel of Time, The (F) Jordan, Robert